About Pinnacle Peak

Our Mission Statement:

The PPPS family of learners collaborates within an engaging community that is passionate, purposeful, and productive.

Pinnacle Peak Preparatory School (PPPS) is a neighborhood school adjacent to Sonoran Hills Park in North Scottsdale. We offer Kindergarten through 8th grade, house two Community Education preschool classes and are home to Mascot, a before and after school program.

PPPS is committed to achieving high academic standards and a lifelong love of learning. Through a partnership between school, family, and community, students will maximize their potential using the Core Knowledge© Sequence and Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards. As a diverse community of learners, we will encourage a cooperative and collaborative effort to maintain a safe, healthy and respectful environment.

Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a well-attended and vital part of our school community. The support of our amazing PTO can be seen throughout our school - from our remodeled staff lounge, new playground equipment and generous classroom funds, to future projects including a refurbished library and a new school marquee.

If you are interested in a public school with a private school feel, watch the video below:

Online Learning Begins on November 23rd 

Pinnacle Peak Preparatory School is returning to online learning on November 23rd. All students will participate in their classes remotely utilizing the Google Classroom and Google Meets platforms. Please remember to be mindful of the Online S.O.A.R. Expectations.

Online S.O.A.R. Expectations:

S - Safe

  • Be logged in on time. This helps us know you are ready for school.
  • Cameras need to be on at all times in class. You can use a background or blur your background.
  • Keep just the things you need around you while learning.

O - Organized

  • Keep your space focused on school.
  • Turn off the TV or other distractions in your home.
  • Have the materials teachers have shared with you ready to use.
  • Turn assignments in on time.

A - Accountable

  • Be ready to answer when called on. If you are called on multiple times and do not answer, the teacher may remove you from the meeting and contact your parents.
  • Cameras need to be on at all times in class. You can use a background or blur your background.
  • Turn assignments in on time. Teachers set deadlines for all students and everyone needs to meet those deadlines.

R - Respectful

  • Keep yourself and others focused. Keep your background set for the day so you aren't distracting.
  • Be dressed for school.
  • If your brothers and sisters are also in classes, let them do their work.

Virtual Tours Now Available!

Sign-Up here to learn about Pinnacle Peak Preparatory School via Zoom! We will answer your questions and give you an overview of what our wonderful K-8th program offers. We will send a Zoom link to your e-mail address approximately one day before the call. Thank you for your interest in our school! We look forward to talking with you soon!

Sign up for a PPPS Distance Tour and Talk

Volunteer Opportunities:

If you have time on Thursday mornings, our teachers could use some assistance with Photocopy/Material Prep. Please click on the Sign-Up Genius link below to sign up for a slot.

Click here to volunteer for Photocopy/Material Prep

K–8 Opportunity

K-8 Opportunity

An A-rated School

An A-rated School

A Core Knowledge School

A Core Knowledge School

A PBIS School

A PBIS School


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