Counseling Action Plan at Pinnacle High School


School Counselors schedule an individual conference with each student upon student, parent, or teacher requests throughout the year. At these meetings the counselor checks on the well-being of the student with regard to their personal, academic, social, and emotional transitions, successes, accomplishments, considerations, and concerns.

Academic Advising

Each individual Counselor monitors their student's academic progress each quarter and semester in keeping with the student’s goals and school expectations. Progress reports from teachers are reviewed and plan coordinated for after school tutoring with individual teachers or other tutoring options.

Academic Planning

Students and counselors meet early in the spring to determine and to finalize course choices for the following school year according to the student’s goals, future plans, and teacher recommendations.

College and Career Counseling and Advising

Counselors present and discuss with the students their academic and post-secondary plans and their career pathways through the Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP) Program. The goal of the ECAP Program, which is approved by the AZ Department of Education, is designed to guide students through an exploration and planning process to ensure a seamless transition from high school graduation to their chosen postsecondary pathway. The process involves self-exploration, career exploration, and career planning and management activities, in which students learn about themselves and the post-secondary options available to them. This process allows students to connect academic courses and extracurricular activities to career goals that are aligned to individual interests, skills, and values. The resulting portfolio or plan is a compilation of academic coursework, extracurricular activities, career aspirations, and a postsecondary plan for reaching career goals.

A comprehensive web-based resource program known as Naviance Student is utilized by students and counselors to help meet the goals of the ECAP Program. Students and counselors utilize Naviance Student for academic, college, and career planning and research. Students are encouraged to become familiar with and to utilize the opportunities of Naviance Student to assist them in reaching their ECAP Program Goals.  Depending on the student's grade level we meet to discuss and assist them with Creating a Four Year High School Academic Plan, Research Careers by administering Career Inventories and Assessments, Course Registration for the following school year, and we assist seniors with the College Application Process. We discuss and assist them with these ECAP Program Goals in what we call Student Classroom Visits.

  • Our first Student Classroom Visit is with seniors, where counselors meet individually with them to discuss the college application process. Many follow-up meetings are held throughout the year as seniors and their counselors work together to make the college application process as painless as possible for students and their parents.

  • Throughout the year seniors and juniors are invited and encouraged to attend scheduled meetings with college representatives who visit on campus with Pinnacle students. In the fall juniors/seniors and their parents are invited to evening seminars to discuss and learn about applying to college and paying for it.

Parent Conferences

Counselors schedule conferences as requested by the parent, teacher, student, or counselor. These conferences serve to illuminate problems and challenges to the academic progress and success of the student in a particular course. Suggestions are given for improvement and questions are answered regarding the student’s or parents’ concerns. Parents are also invited to contact their student’s counselor if they feel the need to review the student’s academic progress, plans, and goals, discuss any concerns, answer any questions, and to bring any information to the attention of the counselor that the parent deems relevant. If your concern is related to what is happening inside your student's classroom or what a teacher is or is not doing, please contact that teacher or teacher's first. Counselors can not control what happens inside the teacher's classroom. Please remember that counselors are only human, they do make mistakes, and that they are not miracle workers, but they will do their very best to assist you and your student.


All discussions and interactions between counselors, students, and parents are strictly confidential except for any information which may reveal possible harm to the student or others, at which time parents and other professionals are alerted.

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College and Career

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