Pinnacle School Resource Officer (SRO)

Pinnacle High School has a Phoenix Police officer, Ruben Ruiz, on-site full time. He assists in serious discipline and safety issues that may need involvement from a law enforcement officer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a school resource officer? 

A law enforcement officer employed by a police department or agency that works in a policing assignment with one or more schools.

What are the appropriate roles of school resource officers? 

Appropriate roles of school resource officers include promoting a safe learning environment, fostering relationships with students, providing resources to school faculty, and working with schools to resolve issues affecting students.

What evidence exists that school resource officers are valuable?

In a two-year study completed by Canada's Carleton University, researchers found that the funds invested in an SRO program created a positive social and economic value.  

The Carleton University report lists several benefits of the program such as:

  • A decrease in the amount of property damage at the site school and the surrounding areas. 

  • The prevention of student injuries and death related to drug overdoses, violence, etc.  

  • A reduced need for schools to contact 911.

  • A decrease in the likelihood of students creating a criminal record.

  • An increase that students will receive needed assistance from the health care and social service systems. 

  • An increased feeling of safety among staff and students.

Source: National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) website

Officer Ruben Ruiz

Officer Ruben Ruiz

Officer Ruben Ruiz has been a police officer for 17-plus years with the City of Phoenix. He has been an SRO (Student Resource Officer) for the Paradise Valley School District and other city school districts for the past 11 years. His experience as an SRO includes elementary, middle, and high school campus environments. During the school year, he works with the PVSchools IT department to deliver digital citizenship content and address digital concerns at Pinnacle High School. 

Pinnacle SRO Contact

Email Officer Ruiz
(602) 449-4071