Visitors to campus must check in with the front office and receive a visitor badge upon arrival. Upon leaving campus all visitors must check out through the front office.


Security of students is a priority at Pinnacle High School. At various points around campus security personnel are available to assist students with any issues that arise while on campus. Campus gates for student entry/exit are locked from 7:30am-2:10pm. Any late students must enter through the Attendance office.

Student Identification 

To ensure school safety, we must be able to easily identify all individuals on our campus. All district high school students are required to wear their school identification badge on a lanyard, and be visible at all times while on campus. The identification badge must be displayed on the outermost garment between the neckline and waistline, and visible at all times. Students must carry their identification badges in their possession while attending extracurricular activities or other school events outside of the school day.  Student identification badges and a breakaway style lanyard are provided to students at walk-thru. Disciplinary action will be issued to students who do not properly display their school identification badge. Badges are non-transferrable, and using another student's badge or "sharing" a badge is a serious security violation.