Thespians Ranked Highly at the Northern AZ Festival of Theatre

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Congratulate Pinnacle's Thespians for a fantastic competition at the Northern AZ Festival of Theatre on January 24, 2020.

Thespians at Northern AZ Festival Jan 2020

Nineteen students out of 24 received a "Superior" rating and won invitations to compete at the International Thespian Festival this summer!

Superior Rating

Chloe Ball - Duet Musical Theatre
Sam Barrett - Monologues & Group Acting
Anthony Birk - Group Acting
Evelyn Blue - Duet Acting
Erin Brennan - Duet Acting
Isabelle Dunlap - Costume Design
Bre Hansbury - Monologues
Bailey Holmes - Duet Acting
Helena Honnen - Duet & Solo Musical Theatre
Landon Kalinowski - Duet & Solo Musical Theatre
Sam Kessler - Solo Musical Theatre
Allison MacDonell - Makeup Design
Katie MacDonell - Solo Musical Theatre & Duet Acting
Tyler McShane - Group Acting
Allexa Nuckols - Monologues & Group Acting
Nathan Prince - Group Acting
Olivia "Liv" Scott - Duet Musical Theatre
Kennedy Seacat - Stage Management
Adam Walker - Group Acting

Excellent Rating

Kiersten Vance - Light Design
Alexis Escobedo - Duet Musical Theatre
Isaac Greenland - Duet Musical Theatre
William Webb - Solo Musical Theatre
Jordan Yanofsky - Set Design