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Pinnacle High School has a proud tradition of athletic excellence, promoting sportsmanship, physical activity, friendship and a well-rounded education.

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Fall Sports: August 12, 2019 - October 25, 2019

Winter Sports: November 4, 2019 - February 13, 2020

Spring Sports: February 10, 2020 - April 29, 2020

View the AIA Calendar timeline – by sport and transfer eligibility dates.

Pinnacle Athletics Calendar

The following calendar will help you keep up with all Pinnacle High School athletic events. You may view it in Week, Month, or Agenda format, and you can look at current, past and future sporting events.

Additional Pinnacle Athletics Information

Athletics Sportsmanship

Thank you - Tosh Baker, Kolby Kmetko, Sami Scott, Chloe Strachan for representing our school so well!

Watch the Pinnacle Athletics sportsmanship video.

Admission Prices for Sporting Events

Regular Admission

Football - Freshman & JV - $4 Adults / $3 Students and elementary aged kids
Varsity - $ 5 Adults / $4 Students and elementary aged kids
Basketball - $ 5 Adults / $4 Students and elementary aged kids 
Soccer - $ 5 Adults / $4 Students and elementary aged kids
Volleyball - $ 5 Adults / $4 Students and elementary aged kids 
Wrestling - $ 5 Adults / $4 Students and elementary aged kids


Regional & State AIA Games - $10 Adults / $5 Students with ID, valid AIA passes accepted only (prices subject to change)

Free Admission

ALL regular season games below are admission-free at Pinnacle High School, with the exception of Invitationals, Regional & State AIA games

Cross Country 
Swim & Dive 
Track & Field

Other Passes

Kids 6 & under are Free
Family Passes allow entrance to 2 parents, 2 grand parents and up to 3 NON-high school aged kids(K-8).

These can be used at all 5 district high schools
District employees and one guest can get in free with their staff ID.

Behavior Protocol for Sporting Events

Pinnacle Athletics tries hard to promote a positive atmosphere within every athletic competition. All athletic programs have been and will continue to build on this foundation in order to create the best possible experience we can. Please help us promote good sportsmanship, positive relationships, and open communication while your son or daughter participates in Pinnacle Athletics.

  • Be supportive of your son or daughter in wins and losses, successes and failures.
  • Be a fan of everyone on the team.
  • Respect the decisions of the officials.
  • Encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy for all players, all fans, all coaches and officials. Arguments or confrontations should never take place.
  • Never taunt, boo or use profane language or gestures at a game.
  • Refrain from coaching your son, daughter or other players during a game.
  • Communicate with your son or daughter about their sport and school specifically and life in general.
  • Playing time is based on the expertise of our coaches over countless hours of evaluation at practice and games. Issues with playing time are between coach and athlete.
  • Communicate with your son or daughter’s coach if a concern arises. Players are to discuss issues with the coach first. Then the parent. Call the coach. Talk about your concerns. Make an appointment if necessary. We are happy, willing and available to discuss any issue with you. Before or after a game is not a proper time for this to take place unless the coach agrees or an emergency arises. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your meeting, the head coach and Athletic Director are next in the line of the chain of command depending on which level your son or daughter plays on. Please be aware phone messages or emails sent directly to the Athletic Director, Pinnacle High School Administrators or the Superintendent’s Office first will not be acted upon until all previous steps are followed.
  • Please let coaches and players focus on the game. Before, during or directly after games are important times for coaches to take care of the business on the field without interruption.
  • Understand the coaches commit a great deal of time and effort to their sport. Unfortunately, mistakes will be made. Negativity breeds contempt. Help us promote the best possible circumstances for your son or daughter while he or she participates in Pinnacle High School Athletic Programs.

Thank you for reading and taking an active role in helping to promote a positive experience in Pinnacle Athletics.

Family/student/staff passes explained

Family Athletic Passes

Pass allows 2 adults, 2 grandparents and 3 kids (K-8 Only) entry to regular season games at all PV District High Schools (Horizon, North Canyon, Paradise Valley, Pinnacle & Shadow Mountain) for one school year. EXCLUDES All Invitational, Regional and State AIA Games.

Cost $95.

Student Athletic Passes

Pass allows Pinnacle student only entry to all Pinnacle regular season games only.  This pass is not valid at other PV District or Non PV District High Schools. EXCLUDES All Invitational, Regional and State AIA Games.

Cost $50.

Staff Passes (Employee ID)

Pass allows employee and one guest in entry to regular season games at all PV District High Schools (Horizon, North Canyon, Paradise Valley, Pinnacle & Shadow Mountain). EXCLUDES All Invitational, Regional and State AIA Games.

Passes can be purchased via the Webstore.

How to pay participation fees

All athletics participation fees can be paid through the Pinnacle High School webstore.

Parents: You can access your student's account by entering the following information in the username and password fields

  • Username: Student ID number
  • Password: Last name only (with first initial a capital)

The webstore accepts most major credit cards.

Please select the sport your child is participating in with either tax credit or non-tax credit.

Visit the Webstore.

Participation Requirements

To participate in Athletics, the following tasks are required and must be completed prior to tryouts.

  • All participants need to print and complete the Athletic Physical Packet and complete the Release of Liability for the current school year.
  • The physical in the Athletic Packet must be done after March 1st of the current year to be used for the next school year and must be signed by an MD, DO, NP or PA-C. Please make sure the paperwork is for the current year.
  • All participants will need to complete the Concussion/Brain Course required by AIA. You will need to register as a student of your school before beginning the course. After completion, you must print out the completion certificate and turn it in to the Athletic Secretary's office, email to antsampogna@pvschools.net, or attach to completed athletic packet. 
  • All participants and their parents must view the online Informed Consent Video prior to participation. Guión del video en españolView the Consent Video
  • All participants and their parents must view the Hazing Awareness video prior to participation (see below). Guión del video en españolView the Hazing Awareness Video
  • All participants must have passed all classes from the previous quarter, or made up the same number of failed classes in summer school (summer school classes do not have to be the same as those failed).
  • If you need to purchase insurance for your student, K&K Insurance is a possible option. You can apply online or pick up a packet from the Athletic Director's office.
  • If your student is transferring from another school, school district or state you must complete the complete the AIA 550 Transfer Form. When transferring from a different state, quite often the school was not a member of the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA), therefore, you must complete this form. If your school is not in the school drop down menu, you will need to choose the option, "Other School - Not an AIA Member" and manually enter the information requested. 
  • All participants must pay a participation fee of $200 prior to the first permissible practice. Cut sports will be given a one week grace period during the week of tryouts but must make the payment by the following Monday. You can pay the fee online or in the school's bookstore from 7:15 am to 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
Student Transfer 550 Form

If your student is transferring from another School, School District or State you MUST complete the AIA 550 Transfer Form.

When transferring from a different State quite often the school was not an AIA member. You still must complete this form.
Your school will not be in the school drop down menu, therefore you will need to pick the first option Other School - Not an AIA Member
and manually type the school address.

Complete the School Transfer 550 form.

Athletic Department Contacts

photo of Patrick Hurley Pat Hurley
Athletic Director

photo of Annette Sampogna Annette Sampogna
Athletic Assistant

photo of Andrew Hurley Andrew Hurley
Equipment Manager

photo of Emily Eichhorst Emily Eichhorst
Athletic Trainer

Head Coaches and Contacts

Click on any of the following seasons to see the athletics teams (along with their head coaches and contact info) that compete during that time.

Fall Sports
Sport Head Coach Coach's Email Contact
Badminton Charlie Zeeb chzeeb@pvschools.net
Cross Country Bob Moretti bmoretti@pvschools.net
Football Dana Zupke dzupke@pvschools.net
Golf - Boys Ryan Wingate rwingate@pvschools.net
Golf - Girls Charlie Wilde cwilde@pvschools.net
Swim/Dive - Boys Eric Goldstone egoldstone@pvschools.net
Swim/Dive - Girls Blake Rider blrider@pvschools.net
Volleyball Kate Paine kpaine@pvschools.net
Winter Sports
Sport Head Coach Coach's Email Contact
Basketball - Boys Charlie Wilde cwilde@pvschools.net
Basketball - Girls Rick Bunger rbunger@pvschools.net
Soccer - Boys Justin Hughes juhughes@pvschools.net
Soccer - Girls Jennifer Larsen jelarsen@pvschools.net
Wrestling Chris Reid chreid@pvschools.net
Spring Sports
Sport Head Coach Coach's Email Contact
Baseball Samuel Messina Jr. smessina@pvschools.net
Softball Robert Peña bp9starssports@msn.com
Tennis - Boys Justin Hughes juhughes@pvschools.net
Tennis - Girls To be determined N/A
Track - Boys Al Kirchmeier akirchmeier@pvschools.net
Track - Girls To be determined N/A
Spirit Line
Sport Head Coach Coach's Email Contact
Cheer Kaley Nowaczyk knowaczyk@pvschools.net

Athletics News Flash

College Signing Commitment Ceremony  – December 16, 2019 at 7:00 a.m. in the Big Gym

Honoring the following athletes **Congratulations**

Nicholas Bommarito ~ Baseball ~ Spring Arbor University 

Kolby Kmetko ~ Baseball ~ Washington State University 

Michael Modrick ~ Baseball ~ Paradise Valley Community College

Nicholas Bianchi ~ Soccer ~ University of Nevada~Las Vegas

Rachael Black ~ Soccer ~ University of Colorado

Andrea Chiappetti ~ Soccer ~ Wesleyan University

Grace Knadler ~ Volleyball ~ Maryville University

Cross Country: Luis Silva broke the boys Cross Country Record that was previously set in 2010 by Ryan Williams. The following athletes also medaled at the meet: Luis Silva, Naomi Rosin, Paige Stockford, Ainsley Nystrom, Lauren Distler, Melanie Giedt, Josh Bucks, Nicole Friedman, Maddie Pyles, Kaitlyn Larsen. The girls placed second in the open division and the boys Freshman also placed second. Congratulations, Pioneers!

Football: Congratulations to Cooper Dirck for his National Merit Commended Award and Sam Terpsta for receiving a National Hispanic Scholar Award!

Girls Golf **STATE CHAMPIONS** – Congratulations to Coach Wilde and the entire golf team!