Resources and Tips



After School Study Club (Monday - Thursday, 2:15 - 3:15pm), $10 per semester. Meets in the Media Center. Students and teachers available to assist with tutoring.

National Honor Society

National Honor Society students offer tutoring throughout the semester. Complete the request form for an NHS tutor.

On-Campus Services

In regard to personal and social counseling, the goal of our counseling program is to assist students in understanding themselves and their environment so that they can make appropriate choices in pursuing their personal, educational, and post-secondary goals.

Job Board

For students interested in work, the Counseling Department has a job board. People or businesses within the community post when they have openings to hire.

Credit and/or Grade Recovery

After School PVOnline Course

Students are allowed to take an online course after school through PVOnline at home (off-campus). These courses can be used to make up missing credits for graduation or to earn a better grade in a course. These online courses are free to juniors and seniors (cost to freshmen and sophomores is $199.00 per course). Students are only allowed to take one (1) PVOnline Course per semester off campus and will earn a .5 credit. These courses can only be taken through PVOnline. Please speak with your counselor if you are interested.

Sweetwater High School

Sweetwater High School offers 2 sessions of Night School Courses each quarter, Monday - Thursday. The sessions are from 5:00-6:15pm and 6:23-7:40pm.

Please speak with your counselor to register for Night School.


Tips and Resources for Students

The following links offer Tips and Advice on how to be more successful in high school.

Tips and Resources for Parents

We hope the tips and advice linked here will assist parents in helping their students to be more successful in high school.