Collective Commitments

  • Paradise Valley High School (PVHS) staff members genuinely enjoy students, seek to understand them as individuals, build and restore meaningful relationships, and passionately believe that every student can achieve success. 
  • PVHS staff members champion and embody our culture of PRIDE with their mindset and actions every day.
  • PVHS teachers: demonstrate a growth mindset,  actively collaborate within Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), and use data to improve instruction and increase student achievement. 
  • PVHS teachers consistently plan and implement relevant, engaging, and innovative activities that inspire every student to achieve beyond their own perceived  abilities.
  • PVHS staff members demonstrate cultural proficiency and ensure equity by continuously adapting their practices to be inclusive of the individual needs and background of every student.
  • PVHS staff members recognize that family and community members can be valuable partners and proactively reach out to them for resources and support. 
  • PVHS staff members are collectively responsible for improving the academic and social literacy of every student, regardless of the subject they teach or the role they perform. 
Our Mission

The Mission of Paradise Valley High School is to inspire every student to develop a growth mindset by teaching skills and providing support to empower students who will create, compete, and succeed in college, career and their personal lives.

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Our Values

We strive to follow our PRIDE motto. PRIDE is an acronym that guides our actions:

Prepare. Respect. Initiate. Do. Excel.

Our Vision

The Vision of Paradise Valley High School is to establish a community where students want to go to school, parents want to send their children, and teachers want to teach – a school where every student feels safe, known, and cared for, and believes they have the ability to learn anything.

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The culture of our campus is built upon a foundation of core beliefs to ensure student achievement.

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Learn more about our Principal and leadership team, and how they strive to enhance and improve our school.

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Learn about our bell schedule, as well as attendance policies and procedures.

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Student Life

We’ve gathered several resources to help parents and students achieve success at Paradise Valley High School.

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COMPASS Strategic Plan

Our COMPASS strategic plan represents our beliefs, mission, vision, and overall goals to help our students succeed.