What is Trojan PRIDE?

Welcome to PVHS! Whether you’re a freshman, a returning student or a new student, we’re glad you’re here. There are a few things that you need to know about your school, because it’s different from other schools. We live, work and play by our PRIDE motto. PRIDE is an acronym that represents the traits that we strive to represent on a daily basis through our choices, words and actions.

Prepare. Respect. Initiate. Do. Excel.

The culture of our campus is built upon a foundation of core beliefs to ensure student achievement. Our goal is to provide and encourage an environment in which all students develop a passion for learning and acquire the skills necessary to create, compete, and succeed in college, career and their personal lives.

At PVHS, we show PRIDE in everything we do!

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The Mission of Paradise Valley High School is to assure the highest level of learning for ALL students.

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Learn more about our Principal and leadership team, and how they strive to enhance and improve our school.

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Student Life

We’ve provided several resources to help parents and students achieve success at Paradise Valley High School.

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COMPASS Strategic Plan

Our COMPASS strategic plan represents our beliefs, mission, vision, and overall goals to help our students succeed.