PVHS Fine Arts Spotlight

Friday, February 7, 2020

PVHS Theater Students Rank Highly at Regional Acting Festival

Theater students from Paradise Valley High School showcased their theatrical talents at the Northern Arizona Festival of Theatre (NAFT) held on January 25th at Yavapai Community College. Students who received a Superior rating will be invited to participate in the International Thespian Festival in June.

1st Overall in Tech Teams

  • Drew Christner, Zoe Danielson, Cam Gedris, Felicia Harrison

2nd Overall in Tech Teams

  • Aidan Hammer, Easton Interdonato, Maddie Krause, Bella Santoni

Superior Rating

  • Drew Christner - Scenic Design
  • Jackie Connor - Solo Musical
  • Zoe Danielson - Costume Design
  • Zoe Danielson - Stage Management
  • Cam Gedris - Solo Musical 
  • Enrique Gonzalez-Delgado, Cyler Minkus, Noah Murray - Group Acting
  • Aidan Hammer - Lighting Design
  • Felicia Harrison - Sound Design
  • Mikayla Hernandez - Costume Construction
  • Peyton Levitt & Cyler Minkus - Duo Acting
  • Noah Murray - Stage Management
  • Chloe Rozalsky - Monologues
  • Bella Santoni - Monologues
  • Bella Santoni - Stage Management

Excellent Rating

  • Hayley Burger & Maddie Krause - Duo Acting
  • Hayley Burger, Maddie Krause, Annabella Mast, Cole Seeders, Ruah Seeders - Group Acting
  • Allen Colon & Jazzy Yarbrough - Duet Musical
  • Jackie Connor & Bella Santoni - Duet Musical
  • Ares Decker - Sound Design
  • Ares Decker, Enrique Gonzalez-Delgado, Micheal Jimenez, Ben McCormac, Eli McCormac, Matija Milosavljevic, Noah Murray, Samuel Posner, Mason Rogers - Group Musical
  • Matthew Finks - Monologues
  • Enrique Gonzalez-Delgado, Ben McCormac, Eli McCormac - Short Film
  • Enrique Gonzalez-Delgado & Micheal Jimenez - Duet Musical
  • Aidan Hammer - Sound Design
  • Felicia Harrison - Solo Musical
  • Arielle Leiser - Costume Construction
  • Ben McCormac & Matija Milosavljevic - Duo Acting
  • Joanna NavarreteOrtega - Costume Design
  • Joanna NavarreteOrtega - Stage Management
  • Joanna NavarreteOrtega - Theatre Marketing
  • Chloe Rozalsky - Solo Musical
  • Ruah Seeders - Monologues

Paradise Valley High School Theater Students

PVHS Music Students Selected to Regional Band/Orchestra/Choir Festival

Paradise Valley High School students who were selected to the Regional Band/Orchestra/Choir Festival will participate in the festival on February 14th.


  • Connor Aiton
  • Cade Araza
  • Sam Cherian
  • Alexander Drace
  • Nicola Ferguson
  • Justice Hoyt
  • Kaylee Krause
  • Emily Miller
  • Alexis Noland
  • Suhani Patel
  • Alexa RenteriaEnriquez
  • Felix Shen


  • Ron Balanay
  • Connor Enright

PVHS Violist Wins Summerford Concerto Competition

Paradise Valley High School sophomore Alexander Drace competed in North Valley Symphony Orchestra's 8th annual Summerford Concerto Competition on January 11th. He won the competition and a brand-new handmade viola valued at more than $5,000.

Arizona Student Film Festival Finalist

Paradise Valley High School senior Emily Riskas was nominated as a finalist for the 2020 Arizona Student Film Festival. Emily's film will be shown on the big screen at the Harkins Scottsdale 101 during the Phoenix Film Festival on April 4th.