95% Parent Satisfaction

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Parents love Paradise Valley High School!

Here are some of the results from the 2019-20 Parent Satisfaction Survey:

  • 95% agree that the principal is visible and accessible to parents and students.
  • 95% feel that the office staff at PVHS provide excellent customer service.
  • 93% believe communication from the school is timely and effective.
  • 92% believe their student feels safe at school.
  • 92% of parents agree that PVHS is a positive and respectful place for students of all backgrounds and abilities.
  • 92% of parents agree that PVHS promotes cultural inclusivity by holding events and activities that celebrate diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • 90% of parents believe that the academic expectations at PVHS are appropriate for their student's grade level and ability.

Our survey results showed improvement over the 2018-19 survey in every category except for one.