Paradise Valley High School offers a variety of clubs and activities. We encourage students to get involved in something that interests them.

Academic and Service Clubs

Club Sponsor Room Website
Bioscience HOSA Amanda Cherry, Michelle Landreville C102/C104 Visit the Bioscience HOSA Club website.
Bioscience Mentors Amanda Cherry, Michelle Landreville C102/C104 Visit the Bioscience Mentors website.
Computer Science Honor Society Michelle Cannon, Bhawna Verma C105 N/A
Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) Letticia Finlay 114A N/A
Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Patty Nadzieja 607 N/A
HOSA Health Occupations Dee Plummer, Rayann Gionet 22/24 N/A
JAG (Jobs for Arizona Graduates) Holly Gorman 214 N/A
Link Crew Carina Stiles, Jeff Stiles, Savanna Troupe 553/435/429 N/A
National Honor Society Tina Taylor, Brittany Westlund 114/105 Visit the PVHS National Honor Society website.
PRIDE+ (homework club) Angela Rohde Media Center N/A
Skills USA Automotive Kevin Keutzer 31 N/A
Skills USA Engineering Michelle Cannon, Reeni Samuel, Jackie Setton, Bhawna Verma C105, 10, C113, 30 Visit the Skills USA Engineering website.
Society of Women Scholars (SOWS) Beth Glady, Beth Goldstein Media Center N/A
Student Government (StuGo) Brett Bowman 409 N/A

Special Interest Clubs

Club Sponsor Room Website
Anime Brandon White 413 N/A
Athletic Club Brock Heykoop Gym N/A
Band / Orchestra / Strings Ryan Diefenderfer 552 Visit the PVHS Music website.
Beneficial Growth Club Irene Fabig 206 N/A
Black Awareness Club Carlos Monterroza Guidance Office N/A
Book Club Paul Morrison 414 N/A
Bringing Change 2 Minds Michael Reuben 208 N/A
Chess Club Jeff Ricken, Jeff Stiles 416/435 N/A
Choir Tamra Duncan 551 Visit Ms. Duncan's Music website.
Computer Science Michelle Cannon, Bhawna Verma C105 N/A
Dance Club Anna Krauel Dance Room N/A
Eclectic Club Patty Nadzieja 607 N/A
Environmental Alliance Delany Henningsen 434 N/A
Fashion Club Melyssa Leighty 20 Visit the Fashion Club website.
Food Service Club Patty Nadzieja 607 N/A
Gaming Club Delany Henningsen 434 N/A
Gardening Club Melyssa Leighty Greenhouse Visit the Gardening Club website.
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Karen Lumos 215 N/A
Girlx Who Code Michelle Cannon, Bhawna Verma C105/30 N/A
Japanese Language Cody Gordon 412 N/A
Key Club Samantha Marsillo 222 N/A
K-POP Margo Mercey, Cheyenne Wilson 101/114 N/A
Latinos Education and Diversity (LEAD) Carlos Monterroza Guidance Office N/A
Mission Millionaire Brett Bowman, Jim Libretti 409/110 N/A
Native Club Holly Gorman 214 N/A
NET (No Empty Tables) Club Jackie Clayton, Collette Jones Guidance Office N/A
New Global Citizens Cody Gordon 412 N/A
PV Theatre Club (Drama/Tech) Carina Stiles 553 N/A
Red Cross Staci DeBlassie 432 N/A
Robotics Darryl Harlan, Melanie Monk 202/216 N/A
Rocketry Club Brandon White 412 N/A
Speech and Debate Irene Fabig 206 Visit the Speech & Debate Website.
Tabletop Games Club Irene Fabig, Cody Gordon, Ashlee Sheppard 206/412/221 N/A
Talking Hands Cody Gordon 412 Visit the Talking Hands website.
TED Ed Sutdent Talks Amanda Cherry C102 N/A
Yearbook Christine Brandell 26 N/A
Young Life Brett Bowman, Tyson Kartler, Stan Locke 409/11 N/A