School Council Mission Statement

The mission of the Palomino Primary / Palomino Intermediate School Council is to support the school's vision and mission through evaluation of programs and providing feedback from all members of the community in the following areas:

The Governing Board endorses and supports School Council within the district in order to continually strive for school improvement.

  • Advise the Principal
  • Evaluate programs/services/expectations
  • Provide feedback from the community
  • Enhance parent/educator relations
  • Consider and evaluate initiatives and programs

School Council Members


Role Name Contact
Palomino Primary Principal Stephen Lee Email
Palomino Intermediate Principal Jenny Robles Email
Certified Staff Anne Piano Email
Certified Staff Gianna Colonna Email
ESP Melissa Ruvalcaba Email
ESP Aida Bailon Email
Palomino Intermediate Parent Norma Guerrero  
Palomino Primary Parent Araceli Hernandez  


What Is School Council and How Does It Work?