Our Vision

The vision of Palomino Primary School is to become a great school, featuring learning communities for all people. Students demonstrate high achievement in a climate where they are challenged appropriately by a rigorous curriculum and taught in a quality, student-centered learning environment. Academic, social and emotional growth of students is fostered and measured in a variety of ways. All adults in the community contribute to student success through their professionalism, continuous learning and respectful behavior, which is characterized by the collaboration of stakeholders.

Our Mission

The mission of Palomino Primary is to encourage and empower a culture of critical thinking, collaboration, and high achievement. Our purpose is to support our diverse community's needs, invite parent input and provide community outreach. The school environment encompasses student learning, supports social and emotional needs, creates life long learners, and nurtures curiosity.

Palomino Culture 

Palomino Primary (grades K-3) is located on a large campus. We share that space with Palomino Intermediate (grade 4-6), our partner in elementary education. Also located on our campus is the Ed Robson Family Branch Boys and Girls Club. The club provides after school care and a variety of programs to help meet the needs of our students and their families. Visit the Ed Robson Boys and Girls Club website.

Palomino Primary is a life force to the local community. Through a unique set of community partnerships, our school provides services to meet many of the needs of our students and parents. These services include Scottsdale Health Care medical and dental clinics. food pantry, Kitchen on the Street, clothing center, adult ESL classes, and parenting classes. By nurturing the “whole child,” we help students achieve to their highest potential. Palomino Primary assures that all students excel in reading and math by third grade. Palomino offers educational support with the help of reading specialists, math specialists, a behavior specialist, a social worker and before and after school remediation and enrichment programs. 

School Colors: White and Blue

School Mascot: The Palomino Pride


Regular, on-time attendance is the key to school success. Students should be absent only when necessary, as many aspects of what occurs in the classroom cannot be made up. The benefit of discussion and participation is lost to students who are absent. 

  • When your child is ill or not going to be at school, please call the school 24 hour attendance line (602)-449-2801 prior to 9:00am the morning of your child's absence. 
  • When calling in an absence, please state the child's name, teacher, grade and reason for absence. 
  • Failure to report a child's absence will constitute an unexcused absence or truancy. It is for your child's protection that this policy is in place and we appreciate parental cooperation and support. Parents, attendance is a matter of Governing Board Policy and a student may be retained for excessive absences that affect his/her school academic progress (students that have 18 or more unexcused or excused absences may be considered for retention due to the negative effect on the grade and may by cited and report to the courts - A.R.S.15-802;A.R.S 15-803). We encourage you to discuss with the principal and/or nurse any medical conditions your child may have that result in frequent absences.
  • TARDIES - The school bell rings at 8:15am - breakfast begins at 8:15am. Instruction commences at 8:30am. It is less disruptive to the class if everyone is present when the teachers begin direction for the day. A student is tardy if he/she isn't in the classroom at 8:30am.

Every School Day Counts