PVSchools Password Reset SmartCard

If You Forget Your Password, Or Can’t Log In

  1. Go to URL: https://passwordreset.pvschools.net

Password reset website

*Photo background may be different; don’t let that confuse you.

  1. Select Forgot My Password (even if you didn’t but can’t log in).Password change page

  2. Enter your username (remember this is just your username, not your email address).

  3. Answer your three challenge or security questions with the answers you previously created.

  4. You will then be given a screen to enter a new password, which you will enter twice.

  5. Click on Reset.

If You Want To Change Your Password

  1.  Go to URL: https://passwordreset.pvschools.net

  2.  Select Change Password.

  3.  Log on using your username (just username, not email address – no need for @pvschools.net or @pvlearners.net) and current password.

  4.  Click Next.

  5.  Enter your new password twice following the listed rules. Click on Change.

Congratulations! Using our new password reset system, you are now able to reset your password if you have forgotten it, become locked or just wish to change it!