Sport Medicine Program

Program Description

The Career and Technical Education Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services Program at North Canyon High School provides educational and practical skills for students considering careers in health related fields. For example, this course can lead to an athletic training program and a successful career in the prevention and management of athletic injuries or to a career as a chiropractor, physical therapist, physical fitness trainer, or high school or college coach. The goal of the sports medicine/rehabilitation program is to provide an opportunity for students to learn about the medical field and human anatomy. It will prepare students to earn a nationally recognized personal training certification.
Students will be able to:

  • Apply appropriate technical skills and academic knowledge.

  • Communicate clearly and effectively.

  • Develop an education and career plan aligned with personal goals.

  • Apply technology to enhance productivity.

  • Utilize critical thinking to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

  • Practice personal health and understand financial literacy.

  • Act as a responsible citizen in the workplace and the community.

  • Model integrity, ethical leadership, and effective management.

  • Work productively in teams while integrating cultural and global competence.

  • Demonstrate creativity and innovation.

  • Employ valid and reliable research strategies.

  • Understand the environmental, social, and economic impacts of decisions.

Program of Study

Sports Medicine is a multi-level (multi-year) program designed for students interested in fields such as athletic training, physical therapy, medicine, fitness, physiology of exercise, kinesiology, nutrition, and other sports medicine related fields. The first year includes class work and practical hands-on application in the following areas: prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries, taping and wrapping of injuries, first aid/CPR, emergency procedures, and sports medicine careers. The second year of the program expands on the areas covered in Sports Medicine 1-2 and also covers nutrition, sports psychology, rehabilitation, therapeutic modalities, as well as, fitness/conditioning/ strength programs. Both courses offer practical experiences with local sports medicine and rehabilitation specialists. The course is open to freshman (taking biology), sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The Career and Technical Education Credits satisfy AZ university entrance requirements or can be used as elective credit and/or electives.

Sports Medicine