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Ms. Jessica Hubbell
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Ms. Margie Aardahl
Clerk II/Campus Assistant
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The major focus of the MTMS Student Resource Center is developmental and preventative. Each student is encouraged to meet and to know his/her counselor. Opportunities to participate in small groups and classroom activities, as well as have individual talks and advisement sessions, are available to all students. Along with individual and group advisement, counselors work closely with students, parents, teachers and administrators when requested in the following ways: daily planner usage, weekly grade reports, mediations, individually designed behavioral and/or academic contracts, parent/teacher and/or student conferences with student study teams.

The Student Resource Center is a place for students to meet with their counselor to seek assistance with any or all types of questions or concerns. Academics/scheduling of classes, work habits, self-esteem, personal conflicts, harassment and friendships are common issues of middle school students. Counselors are available to meet with students to guide and assist them academically, emotionally, and socially. Counselors are also available to meet with parents to coordinate parent-teacher conferences, to assist with their child’s academic challenges or discuss questions or concerns regarding their child’s middle school years.

Students may sign up in the Student Resource Center for an appointment to talk with their counselor or stop by before school, lunch or after school.

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