Safety at Mountain Trail Middle School

Bike, Skateboard and Other Safety

Students must walk bicycles on the school campus and at crosswalks at all times. While on school property, bicycles must be secured with a lock in the bike rack during the school day. The school assumes no liability for loss or damage of bikes or bike parts, skateboards, roller blades or scooters of any kind. Skateboards and scooters must be secured in the front office.

Campus Behavior

MTMS Discipline Policy

Mountain Trail Middle School (MTMS) follows the Disciplinary Action Chart of the Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVUSD), which can be found on pages 22-25 of the PVUSD Parent-Student Handbook (download the PVUSD handbook). Teachers may also give lunch detentions, buddy slips and referrals for behavior issues in their classroom.  

Behavior issues may hinder a student's participation in extracurricular activities – such as field trips, sports, dances, etc., with administrative decision being final.

Campus Visit Procedures


For the safety and security of our students and staff, all visitors must check in at the front office and obtain a visitor’s badge. Students may not have guests on campus during school hours or during school activities such as dances and assemblies. Parent visitors and volunteers are always welcome. If you are interested in volunteering, please see the Principal’s Secretary.

No Bullying Sign And WordcloudNo Bullying Allowed (NBA)

All schools deal with the issue of bullying. Mountain Trail is taking proactive steps to stop and prevent bullying by adopting the Olweus Bullying Prevention Curriculum (aka NBA - No Bullying Allowed). This research-based school-wide "systems-change" curriculum has been used successfully in schools all over the country and around the world with positive results.

This program is not a curriculum that students participate in for only a few weeks. Rather, it is a coordinated effort by all the adults in the school to supervise and intervene when any bullying happens. As part of the curriculum, students participate in bi-weekly class meetings to learn about the effects of bullying, what they can do about it, and how they can work with adults at school to put a stop to it.

This type of curriculum is about changing the whole school climate to make it a safer, more positive place to learn. One change that many schools have noticed after using this curriculum for a year or two is that students actually like school better. Implementing the Olweus Bullying Prevention Curriculum is a long-term commitment to making Mountain Trail a safer, more positive place to be.

For more information about NBA and/or ways to become involved, contact your child's counselor. More information can also be found at Anonymous Tips. To report an incident, download and print the report from the Anonymous Tips site, and then return it to the student resource center.

Internet Safety Resources

Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force SealThe Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children (AZICAC) Task Force is comprised of investigators from City, County, State, and Federal Agencies. Special emphasis is placed on locating, prosecuting, and imprisoning people who intentionally exploit children. Lead by the Phoenix Police Department's Internet Crimes Against Children Unit, the AZICAC Task Force diligently pushes to fulfill this goal with highly trained and professional investigators and cutting edge forensics and technology. Visit the AZICAC Task Force's website.

For Parents

The best way to keep your kids safe online is to know what your children know. Visit the NetSmartz website for parents for tips and tools to help you monitor your child's online activity and not make your child feel as if you are spying on them.

For Teens

Teens are the most vulnerable to online predators. They are trying to find themselves, may have self-esteem issues and may be subject to bullying at school. Visit the NetSmartz website for teens to read about the pressures of being a teen and how to handle some of those stresses. The site addresses peer pressure, sexting, cyberbullying, as well as social networking and school-related issues. This is a must read for parents and students alike.


The SERT Team (School Emergency Response Team) is a group of staff members that are highly trained in responding to emergency situations on campus. The goal is to provide a safe environment for staff and students in the event of an emergency. Every member of the SERT team has been specifically trained and certified through the Emergency Management Institute and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Each team member has a specific responsibility if the team is asked to mobilize in an emergency. The SERT team meets quarterly to look at data relative to fire drills, lock downs and other incidents involving the safety of staff and students. Mountain Trail has created an Emergency Response Plan to address any kind of emergency situation involving the welfare and safety of all students and staff.

SERT Team Members

  • Katy Clark, Principal

  • Ryan DeAustin, Asst. Principal

  • Jessica Hubbell, Counselor

  • Monica Bischof, Nurse

  • Brian Potter, Psychologist

  • Kelly Clancy, Admin. Assistant

  • Cyndi Tatum, Records Secretary

  • Bob Rehberg, Facilities Coordinator

School Resource Officer

Phoenix Police BadgeMountain Trail Middle School is excited to announce that Officer Max Decker, with the Phoenix Police Department, is our School Resource Officer at MTMS. Officer Decker is part of a statewide Safe Schools Grant that places police officers in schools to assist with the teaching and implementation of law related education. Mountain Trail is one of 18 schools district wide that were awarded this competitive grant. All together, the Paradise Valley Unified School District was awarded 16 officers for this grant cycle.