Bus NotesBus

If students want to request to ride a bus that is not their normal bus home, they MUST bring a parent note to the Student Resource Center at lunch to be signed. Please do not wait until the end of the day.

Late Busses

Late busses depart at 5:05pm which are provided for students who attend after school sports, clubs or activities at MTMS.  Drop off sites are at each of the elementary feeder schools (Sunset Canyon, Eagle Ridge, Pinnacle Peak, Greyhawk), not at each individual bus stop.

Student Drop Off/Pick Up Procedure

Student Drop Off/Pick Up Lanes

Students may be dropped off and picked up in the front of the school. The lane is large enough for 3 cars in width, 2 lanes on each side for pick up (BLUE) & a lane down the center to exit (RED). Please pull all the way forward to the end of the lanes to allow as many cars to enter the area as possible, and pull forward as room allows. Please watch for children & drive slowly.

Do not leave your car parked or unattended in the pick up lanes.

The front parking lot is not to be used as a student drop off/pick up area.

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