Computer Labs

MTMS is committed to the continued use of technology to address the 21st century skills of our District. Currently we have:

2 Chromebook Labs with 38 stations each

  • 1 iMac Lab

  • 8+ computer carts composed of Chromebooks for 38 students, one per team, special ed department & elective areas

  • iPad cart with 38 iPads

  • Interactive projector in a dedicated presentation room

  • All classrooms have a computer tower with 38 Chromebooks for 1 to 1 use. Each student may use a Chromebook for that particular class

We are continually adding more technology to the school and individual classrooms.

Free Resources for Online Student Tutoring (FROST)

PVSchools is offering Free Resources for Online Student Tutoring (FROST) to all students in the district who may need this valuable service. FROST is a student-driven, tutoring program that creates a casual, easy to use learning environment for students who need extra assistance with their academic subjects. At Mountain Trail, our qualified students will be available to provide tutoring in any subject matter for any student, Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Students can ask questions in our new FROST Google Classroom.

Tutors are available Monday through Thursday (except holidays) from 4-6 p.m. and 7-9 p.m.

Learn more about FROST

Missing and Late Work Policies

It is our philosophy that the consequence for not doing the work, is to finish the work.  In other words, we do not accept failure as an option.  It is our expectation that all students come to school with homework completed and ready to hand in on the scheduled due date. Our teachers are dedicated to providing your child with a high-quality education and assistance.  If your child does not understand a question or cannot find an answer, it is his/her responsibility to seek the teacher’s help prior to the time that the assignment is due. Each teacher will establish his or her own late work policy.

9th Hour Homework Help

Our after-school intervention program is designed to assist students in getting caught up and staying caught up.  As such, work completed in 9th hour will be exempt from the first late work deadline and will receive credit if turned in one week prior to final quarter grades being posted.

If your child attends 9th hour, MTMS teachers will accept late work according to their class policies with individual class penalties being no more than a 50% deduction from the earned score.  

Study Hall

We strive to provide our students with a comprehensive educational experience during their two years at MTMS. With that in mind, every student is provided a 40-minute block of time in order to provide assistance with his or her academic classes. At MTMS, this is referred to as Study Hall.  This will occur every Wednesday as a part of our block schedule.

All students are expected to spend their 40-minute Study Hall time actively engaged in the pursuit of academic success.  This will undoubtedly look different for each student, as they all have different needs.  Teachers will use this time to meet with small groups or individual students to provide extra support in the areas of remediation, enrichment, or to clarify concepts or instructions.  Students can use this time to organize their work, complete assignments, work on projects, tutor a peer, read towards their reading goal, or study for a test.  The intent is to provide our students additional opportunities to work towards and achieve academic success.

Student Email

This is a District provided student email system through Gmail, to aid students in their education. Features include word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and much more. To access your district email account go to PvLearners Email. Guidelines for computer/internet usage can be found on pages six and seven of the Student/Parent Handbook.