7th Grade Courses

The following classes are required for all 7th Graders.  Full course descriptions can be read in the Mountain Trail Curriculum Guide from your counselor.  

MATH (classes based on placement exams or success in a previous course)

  • Math 7 - To prepare students for Pre-Algebra, students study problem-solving, decimals, statistics, patterns, fractions, measurements, Pre-Algebra, integers, geometry, ratios, percent and probability.

  • Pre-Algebra - To prepare students for Algebra, topics covered include problem-solving, integers, statistics, geometry, patterns, rational and real numbers, proportions, percent, functions, graphing, probability and polynomials.

  • Algebra - High School equivalent class.  This class includes a study of sets of real numbers, solutions of first and second degree equations, graphing on the coordinate plane, applications of algebra to data analysis and probability, patterns and functions and their applications, measurement and discrete mathematics and basic mathematical structures.  (Pre-requisite: Demonstrated competency in Pre-Algebra material and teacher recommendation)


  • 7th Gr. English - Single periods of Reading and Writing using the Core Knowledge® sequence that provides students a varied exposure to the world of great literature, multiple writing experiences and enriched vocabulary.  Specific content includes reading novels such as The Call of the Wild, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the play Cyrano de Bergerac.  In addition, various other novels, short stories and speeches add to the diversity of the curriculum.  Writing experiences include functional writing; both friendly and business letter forms, expressive writing, literary response, and expository, argumentative, and research essays.  Students are required to demonstrate the application of the six traits of good writing: Organization, Ideas and Content, Sentence Fluency, appropriate Word Choice, Voice and Conventions.  The curriculum aligns with the Arizona College and Career-Ready Standards in reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and presenting.

  • Honors English - Single periods of Reading and Writing (similar to the above but with accelerated and more in-depth study)


  • 7th Gr. Science - Using the inquiry process, students study the history and nature of science, and personal and social perspectives in science.  Seventh graders study ecosystems, earth science and the relationship of objects within the solar system.  Disease and drug prevention units are included.

  • Honors Science -  Same as above with accelerated and more in-depth study.


  • 7th Gr. Social Studies - The seventh grade Core Knowledge® curriculum encompasses US History focusing on the Civil War, Spanish-American War, WW1, Russian Revolution, the 1920s (Great Depression, Dust Bowl era) along with the geography of Europe and the United States.

  • Honors Social Studies -  Same as above with accelerated and more in-depth study.


  • All students must participate in at least 1 semester of PE in grades 7 & 8. Various activities relating to particular fitness aspects as well as specific sports. Students work cooperatively, as well as individually, to develop their own fitness levels and to learn specific rules and skills involved with each sport presented. Team work, safety, and sportsmanship are emphasized throughout the course. PE uniforms can be purchased from the MTMS PTSO.

7th Grade Electives

The exploratory strand in 7th grade provides all students with the opportunity to experience learning activities in art, technology, foreign language, and culinary arts.  Below are the choices for 7th grade.  Each class is one semester long.  See the curriculum guide for descriptions.

  • Art

  • Intro to Computer Science

  • Explore Computer Science

  • Culinary Arts: The Basics

  • Culinary Arts: Advanced

  • Drama

  • Intro to Music 

  • Lead (7 Habits)

  • Newspaper / Digital Media

  • Venture Lab

  • Prelude Choir (One Semester)

  • Concert Choir (Full year) 

  • Cadet Band (Intermediate - Full Year)

  • Concert Band (Advanced - Full Year - by audition only) 

  • Piano (One Semester)

  • Strings (Full Year) 

  • Spanish

  • Mandarin Chinese 1-2 

  • Yearbook