Learning Goal Objectives:

1. Provide a framework of professional learning designed by stakeholders to achieve organizational excellence.

 School Strategies

  • Train staff on Yoga4Classroom.
  • Teach students Y4C and implement schoolwide.
  • Work as a team to determine the 12 cards out of 60 that we want all students to know so any adult can help students choose a yoga break that might help them through stressful situations. Work to create a common school wide yoga vocabulary.
  • Continued research and professional development on Tier 2 and 3 level supports for behavior.
  • Finalize behavior/discipline philosophy in writing that can be shared with the community.

2.  Develop various pathways and procedures to enable each student to have access to have  authentic, real-world learning experiences across the curriculum and grade span.

School Strategies

  • Create Google Expedition classroom so all students can take virtual field trips.
  • Create digital microscope room where all students can go and learn about the small world not usually seen by the naked eye.
  • All students attend CIMI. We pay for those that cannot attend and try to problem solve any other things that might be holding a student back from attending.
  • Continue to plan and write grants to plan an Artist in Residency for the community every other year.
  • We have an extensive gardening program that involves all students preschool - 6th grade.

3. Provide a rigorous Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC) through focused professional development, effective differentiated instruction, and strategic assessments.

 School Strategies

  • We are changing our PLC focus this year from Math to ELA. We will focus upon learning and implementing and integrating our new curriculum, Wonders, with Core Knowledge. We are attending PD on Wonders and spending time creating new CFA’s at each grade level to measure key standards and skills for ELA.