Mercury Mine Elementary School launched the Core Knowledge® academic curriculum in 2012-13.

What is Core Knowledge?

  • A detailed framework of specific content
  • Sequenced learning from grade to grade
  • Based on current educational research
  • A coherent foundation for learning
  • Produces cultural literacy
  • Motivational for learners 

Why Teach Core Knowledge?

  • Increases student understanding
  • Promotes excellence and fairness
  • Eliminates gaps and repetition
  • Integrates technology
  • Includes diverse perspectives
  • Increases critical thinking 

Background of Core Knowledge

The Core Knowledge Sequence was developed through rigorous research by the non-profit Core Knowledge Foundation.  The founder, Dr. E.D. Hirsch, author of Cultural Literacy, led research into the content and structure of successful school curricula around the world.  

Research conducted:

  • International curricula 
  • National standards
  • State and district standards
  • Field testing
  • Curriculum advisors
  • Multicultural experts
  • On-going revisions

Parent Resources

There are many resources available at the public library that can enrich student learning.

  • Books to Build On: A Grade-by-Grade Resource Guide For Parents and Teachers
  • Core Classics: Illustrated literary classics for young readers
  • Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence
  • Book series entitled What Your Kindergarten-Sixth Grader Needs to Know  

Further Information about Core Knowledge 

  • Web site 
  • Email
  • Cultural Literacy by E.D. Hirsch
  • The Schools We Need and Why We Don't Have Them by E.D. Hirsch
  • Core Knowledge: Content Guidelines -- Bibliography of Research
  • Core Knowledge Sequence 
  • Curtis Bay Elementary School: Baltimore, Maryland   American Educator: Winter 1996-1997
  • Teach Knowledge, Not "Mental Skills," New York Times, September 4, 1993

You may contact the Core Knowledge Foundation by calling 1(800)-238-3233

Visit the District site for more information about our Grade 1-6 curriculum.