Paradise Valley Unified School District No. 69


3633 East Thunderbird Road

Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Jan Stevens, Principal

(602) 449-3200



Indian Bend Elementary School is committed to providing a quality education for every student. Each student will have the opportunity to be a successful learner who is prepared for the future as a responsible, productive citizen. The Indian Bend Staff will:

  1. Treat every child and parent with dignity and respect

  2. Believe every child can be successful

  3. Produce self-sufficient, responsible, well-rounded, productive and contributing citizens

  4. Encourage children to  “Make Their Day”

  5. Help Children understand the Kids at Hope Pledge

  6. Acknowledge that parents are vital to the success of the school and each student, and offer opportunities to volunteer and/or collaborate

  7. Provide a student centered focus for quality learning experiences, which are appropriate to the student’s needs

  8. Communicate clear expectations to every parent and student


The Indian Bend parents realize the importance of working cooperatively with the school. We want and expect our child to have the best education possible. Therefore, we join with the school by providing an appropriate learning environment in the home. We will:

  1. Ensure folder/backpack is checked daily and any homework is complete

  2. Send my child to school on time and on a regular basis

  3. Encourage my child to read at home daily

  4. Practice math facts at home

  5. Come to school activities

  6. Help my child understand why it is important to “Make Their Day” and follow Kids at Hope ideas

  7. Encourage our child’s participation in extracurricular activities


As an Indian Bend student I realize that I am responsible for my own learning and behavior. I will:

  1. Show up and be on time for school

  2. Be the best I can be

  3. Do my homework

  4. Read everyday

  5. Strive to “Make My Day”

  6. Follow the Kids at Hope pledge

  7. Follow school and bus rules