PVSchools is now utilizing an online registration tool for athlete registration: See Register My Athlete InstructionsVer Instrucciones para el Proceso de Registro "Register My Athlete."

Register My Athlete Parent Training Presentation available here: View the Register My Athlete Parent Training Presentation.

Access the Register My Athlete website.

To participate in Athletics, the following tasks are required and must be completed prior to tryouts:

  • Please download the physical evaluation paperwork and have your physician complete them, and then you will upload them to the Register My Athlete and proceed with the registration.
  • The physical must be done after March 1st of the current year to be used for the next school year and must be signed by an MD, DO, NP or PA-C. Please make sure the paperwork is for the correct year.
  • All participants will need to complete the Concussion/Brain Course required by AIA once during the high school career. You will need to register as a student at your school before beginning the course. After completion, you must print out the completion certificate and upload to the Register My Athlete website.
  • All participants and their parents must view the online Informed Consent Video prior to participation. Guión del video en españolWatch the Consent Video.
  • All participants and their parents must view the Hazing Awareness video prior to participation (see below). Guión del video en españolWatch the Hazing Video.
  • All participants must have passed all classes from the previous quarter or made up the same number of failed classes in summer school (summer school classes do not have to be the same as those failed).
  • If you need to purchase insurance for your student, K&K Insurance is a possible option. You can apply online or pick up a packet from the Athletic Director's office.
  • If your student is transferring from another school, school district or state you must complete the AIA 550 Transfer Form. When transferring from a different state, quite often the school was not a member of the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA), therefore, you must complete this form. If your school is not in the school drop-down menu, you will need to choose the option, "Other School - Not an AIA Member" and manually enter the information requested. 
  • All participants must pay a participation fee of $200 prior to the first permissible practice. Cut sports will be given a one week grace period during the week of tryouts but must make the payment by the following Monday. You can pay the fee online (on your school's website) or in the bookstore from 7:15 am-2:30 pm, Monday-Friday.

How to Pay Participation Fees

All athletics participation fees can be paid through the Horizon High School webstore.

Parents: For first-time login, you can access your student's account by entering the following information in the username and password fields:

  • Username: Student ID number
  • Password: Last name (Capitalize the first letter)

The webstore accepts all major credit cards:

Visit the Huskies Webstore