If you are new to PV District and do not have access to your PVSchools passwords yet, create a document that you can easily upload to Google Docs upon immediate receipt of your PVSchools password. This is applicable ONLY to brand new students!


Pre-AP English 1-2 – incoming freshmen

Pre-AP English 1-2 Dialectic Journal: Ender’s Game

Visit Ms. Abbe's website for the Pre-AP English 3-4 Honors Summer Assignment

Visit Mrs. Parizek's website for the AP English 5-6 Summer Reading assignment for incoming juniors.

AP Literature and Composition 7-8 – incoming seniors

AP Literature and Composition 7-8 Summer Reading Assignment


Algebra 3-4 Summer Practice Packet

Honors Algebra 3-4 Packet

Visit Mrs. McCarthy's Honors Pre-Calc website for her Recommended Summer Review Packet.

Social Studies

AP World History Summer Assignment

AP U.S. History (APUSH)

APUSH students, please go to Ms. Morse's website to open the summer assignment:

Visit Ms. Morse's website