A Message from Our Principal, Jeffrey Quisberg

Principal Jeffrey Quisberg - Greenway Middle School

I am very excited to join the Greenway Middle School Team. I bring with me more than 35 years of education related experiences to the campus as a teacher, trainer, and  administrator. During my career, I have worked with students and staff members at all  levels K-12 in a variety of settings and programs. In addition to the great students and devoted staff members, I have worked side by side with parents and school communities  to enhance and embrace learning.

It is my hope that students at Greenway have a fantastic school year filled with meaningful and manageable lessons and activities in which they will be actively involved and engaged. As your partner in education, we thrive upon the support of our parents and the community, so take the time to get involved and stay involved! Greenway Pride runs deep in our veins filled with passion and our positive energy is contagious.

Please jump on the Greenway Middle School bandwagon and help us to have the best year ever! We are the Lions and ROARing proud.

Administrative Team

Our Administrative Team at Greenway facilitates our instructional programs, creates opportunities for teacher leaders, and develops relationships within the school community. Through their skills and contributions, they help us to raise achievement levels for all Greenway Middle School students.

Principal: Mr. Jeffrey Quisberg

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Jamie Durgey

School Counselors: Mr. Jeff Stempski and Ms. Jennifer Strati 

School Nurse: Nurse Leon

Social Worker: Mrs. Carly Eisen

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Diane Boyer

Registrar: Ms. Indra Loraso

Records/Attendance: Mrs. Isabelle Samaniego 

Office Clerk: Mrs. Andrea Barajas

We Are 'The Pride'

The Greenway Middle School adopted logo is the lion because we are “The Pride.” In the animal world, the pride is a group of lions that works together to accomplish a common goal. At Greenway Middle School, we also work together to accomplish the common goal of providing high quality education in a safe and nurturing environment. We proudly wear the lion logo because “The Pride Resides Here!”

Greenway School Council

School Council exists to support the school's vision and mission, through the evaluation of programs and by providing feedback from all members of the community. The Council facilitates better relationships between parents and educators, and advises the principal on a wide range of topics. 

Meeting Time:

7:15 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

2019-20 Meeting Dates: