Full Honors Program

Friday, June 28, 2019

Greenway Middle School offers a full honors program for all academic classes. In addition to this, we also offer:

Gifted & Talented Project-Based Learning Academy

Unique to Greenway, this program is designed for gifted and academically advanced students to reach their full potential. Students learn through thematic instruction and arts integration. This hands-on project-based learning holds student interest and increases their engagement.

Elective classes

We offer AVID, Spanish, STEM Education, Labs, GTV, Physical Education, Choir, Band and Strings, and Family and Consumer Sciences.

The Career and Technology Lab

A lab that inspires our students to prepare for their future professions.

Award-winning art program

Research indicates the arts have cognitive benefits, allowing imagination to interact with intellect and social skills. That’s why at Greenway, artistic expression is threaded into all aspects of the curriculum like the use of dramatic reenactments to bring history to life. Moreover, our focus on the arts has provided students unique opportunities such as having their artwork displayed at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.