Please bear with us as we start the school year. Our first priority must be the safety of our Grayhawk students and families. Thank you for helping us keep your children safe!

Important Arrival/Dismissal Reminders:

  • Make sure to cross the street only in designated areas.
  • Students need to be picked-up promptly at 3:15 pm. Any student not picked up by 3:20 pm will be brought to the office and will need to be signed out by a guardian before the student is released. This will be marked as a late pick-up. Excessive late pick-ups may result in revocation of open enrollment status.
  • The Northeast parking lot is reserved for Kindergarten pick-up from 3:00 pm-3:15 pm. There is no student pick-up in that lot after 3:15 pm.
  • If you park in the neighborhood and walk to pick-up your student at the flagpole, please be respectful of our neighbors and their property.


Arrival Procedures

Car Drop-off For K through 6th Grade

All Kindergarten through 6th grade students being dropped off curbside will be using the designated drive-thru lane located in the front of the building.  Please refrain from using your cell phone during this time.

  1. Enter from the West on Grayhawk Dr. and pull all the way through to the end of the lane so that we can get as many cars in as possible.
  2. Students should be ready to be unloaded on the passenger side of the car and will exit curbside only.  Do not unload your child on the driver’s side of the car as this is unsafe for both your child and campus assistant.
  3. Please stay in your car to make this procedure safe and efficient. Campus assistants will be available to help students get out of their cars, if needed.
  4. The back parking lot is NOT a drop-off and go area.  If you use the back parking lot you must park and walk your child to the back gate.


If your child walks to school he/she will go to the back of the building to drop off their backpack. There is a designated spot for your child’s backpack. Look for the cone with your teacher’s name on it and place it in line behind the cone. Walkers will either walk through the perimeter gates on the East, South, or West side of the building. Students only pass through these gates. Back parking lot is for parents choosing to park and walk their students(s) to the South gate. For your child’s safety this is not a drop-off area.  Make sure to use designated crosswalks and be safe walking to and from school.


Students who ride a bike to school may use the bike rack located on the Northwest corner of the school.  Also use designated crosswalks to get across streets. Walk your bike when using the crosswalk.

Kindergarten Parents

Kindergarten parents that wish to park and walk their child to the kindergarten playground may use the parking lot on the East side of the building and walk their child along the front of the building to the playground.


Dismissal Procedures

Car Pick-Up For K through 6th Grade

For afternoon dismissal the car pick-up drive-thru(morning bus lane) will be located behind the school. Parents will enter the flow from 76th St and exit onto Grayhawk Drive. All students being picked up by car will be located in the back of the school.  We will be using the “Bus lane” for parent pick-up for afternoon dismissal.

  1. Please make sure to have your student’s first and last name written in large clear letter on a sheet of paper/cardstock. (cardstock provided at Meet the Teacher event as well as parent pick-up line of first day of school.)
  2. Place the name on the passenger side dashboard or on our car’s visor.
  3. As you pull forward your student(s) will be called aloud by the campus assistants.
  4. Students should not approach the car until it comes to a stop.
  5. Do not exit the car to assist students. Campus assistants will be loading your child curbside only.
  6. Remember to enter the drive-thru from 76th Street and exit onto Grayhawk Drive.


Students that walk home going southbound will exit through the middle doors in the back of the building and be assisted across the afternoon car pick up lane by campus assistant. Students that typically exit the front of the building to walk home will leave through the East double doors or the library. Students will not exit through the front office.

After School Programs and Enrichment Classes

Students who go to an after school program or enrichment class should go directly to the class or pickup location at dismissal. If students are in an enrichment class, their enrichment teacher will bring them to the flagpole when class is dismissed.