Gifted Information

Fireside offers a variety of gifted services.  Including Self-Contained Gifted Program grades K-6, Gifted and Talented preschool, cluster grouping and content replacement.  For more information visit the district gifted website.

Gifted and Talented Preschool

Gifted Education Preschool FAQ

For more information, please contact Community Education at (602) 449-2200 for registration details. 

Gifted P/S to Kinder

  • Please see the Gifted Program Pathway chart posted to the district gifted resource page
  • Gifted Dept. will schedule testing for students currently in our gifted preschool program
  • Gifted Dept. will schedule testing, based on request, for students entering K who are not in our gifted preschool

Questions and Answers

If my child is in the gifted preschool, will she/he automatically be enrolled in the Gifted and Talented Kindergarten?

No. There are different criteria for each program. All children need to meet the current criteria to apply for the Gifted and Talented Kindergarten: 97% or higher in any one area of an approved ability or IQ test.

If my child attends the Self-contained G/T Kindergarten Program will he/she automatically move into the Self-contained Gifted Program in grades 1 – 6?

No, the Self-contained Gifted Program in grades 1 – 6 requires a separate application because the criteria are different for the two programs. 

Can my child apply for Early Entrance into the Self-contained G/T Kindergarten class?

Gifted programs involve accelerated learning opportunities for students who need them. Many gifted students could easily be grade skipped when compared to the general population. Since PVSchools has strong gifted programs, we prefer to group gifted students together with age peers and bring the challenging curriculum to them. In our experience, most gifted students who enter Kindergarten early struggle in the Self-contained G/T Kindergarten class. Nearly all students who have enrolled early for K have not continued on successfully in the Self-contained Gifted Program in the elementary years.

Early Entrance guidelines for gifted students:

  • Gifted identified students* can apply for Early Entrance into a regular Kindergarten class or into a Gifted Cluster Kindergarten class if they reach the age of five prior to Dec. 31
  • Gifted identified students can apply for Early Entrance into the Self-contained Kindergarten class if they reach the age of five prior to Sept. 30
  • No exceptions will be made.

*97% or higher in any one area—verbal, quantitative, nonverbal—on an ability or IQ test

When will students in the PVSchools G/T Preschool be tested by the district for the Self- contained G/T Kindergarten class?

Testing dates for the Self-contained G/T Kindergarten Program:

Students currently attending our Gifted and Talented Preschool will be tested at mid- January. There is no cost for these students.

We will test preschool age students who reside in the PVSchools boundaries but are not attending the PVSchools Gifted and Talented Preschool, February through June. There is no cost for these students.

Preschool age students who reside outside of the PVSchools boundaries will be tested February through June. There is a testing fee of $50.00 for these students.

What test does the district use for preschool students testing for the Self-contained G/T Kindergarten Program?

The district will administer the NNAT2 for qualification into the Self-contained G/T Kindergarten Program. The tested are scored according to the child’s date of birth.

Can I have my child privately tested for the District’s gifted programs?

Yes, PVSchools accepts outside testing by licensed psychologists. Please call the Gifted Ed. Department office if you have questions regarding which tests are accepted for gifted identification in the state of Arizona.

Why do I need to wait an entire year from previous testing to test my child again?

The tests are invalid if administered more than once within a 12-month period. However, students may take a different ability or IQ test within this time period.

Are the Gifted Preschools and Kindergarten classes working two grade levels above?

Some students in these classes are working significantly above grade level in certain areas, and some are working only slightly above their developmental level in others. We strive to meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of each child to build the solid foundation needed for future school success.

If children attended the Self-contained G/T Preschool and G/T Kinder Programs and were learning above grade level and do not qualify for Self-contained Program gr.1-6, how do parents know that they will continue to get services at their academic level?

Only a very small percentage of students from the the G/T Preschool and Kinder Programs will qualify for the Self-contained Program in Gr. 1-6. The vast majority will go into the Gifted Cluster Classrooms for 1st gr. There will be a significant number of gifted students in these classes. Therefore, the levels of curriculum and instruction will be advanced. The gifted cluster teachers will provide accelerated and enriched curriculum to meet the address the challenge levels of this group of students.