This year we are continuing to implement a Digital Citizenship program at Fireside. This program uses Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship Curriculum: View the curriculum.

Why Digital Citizenship Is Important

The digital world is expanding at lightning speed and bringing with it amazing opportunities and complex challenges for everyone. When you teach digital citizenship to students, you help create a school culture that supports safe, positive, appropriate, responsible and kind digital citizens and technology users. With great opportunity brings a greater responsibility to teach our students about digital citizenship. The following are the main goals for our Fireside Elementary Digital Citizenship Program:

  • Responsibility to oneself – staying safe, healthy, protecting our reputations
  • Responsibility to friends and family – protecting the online privacy of others
  • Responsibility to the world - communicating in a kind, respectful manner while positively contributing to appropriate online conversations

Our Approach

We have Digital Citizenship-Certified Parent Volunteers that will be teaching one lesson a month, beginning in September, to our 3rd-6th grade students. Each unit reinforces developmentally appropriate topics.

The six major focus areas that they will cover in these lessons are:

  • Media Balance and Well Being 
  • Privacy and Security
  • Digital Footprint and Identity 
  • Relationships and Communication
  • Cyberbully, Digital Drama and Hate Speech 
  • News and Media Literacy

We have dedicated this section on our Fireside website with an overview of the Digital Citizenship lessons that will be taught each month at each grade level. Each grade level section provides each lesson’s Essential Question, Learning Overview, and Learning Objectives.

We believe this program brings students, families, and educators together to create world-class digital citizens for the 21st century. If you have any questions please feel free to email Dr. Else or email Mrs. Smith.

For more information for parents, please visit the official Common Sense Media website.