1:1 Technology Ratio

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

We are proud to announce that Explorer Middle School has implemented a 1:1 technology plan for all academic classes on campus. This means that all students have access to technology that enhances their learning in the classroom while they are at school. 

Why 1:1 Is Important

Study after study has proven the benefits of a 1:1 technology approach, even at the elementary school level:

  • Students in 1:1 environments are frequently more motivated to learn than students in traditional classroom environments
  • Questions and assignments can be tailored to each student depending on his or her readiness and capabilities
  • Writing assignments can be turned into blogs and presentations that can be shared with the class or even published online
  • Portable devices can incorporate graphic and video elements that make learning more fun
  • Bringing devices home extends the learning environment beyond the school day
  • Students get a head start on becoming comfortable and experienced with technology