Echo Mountain School Council is a collaboration between the community and Echo Mountain Intermediate and Primary Schools. The goal is a venue for parents, administrators, and staff members to help guide decision-making at our site. Our monthly meetings focus on student-centered improvement by reviewing curriculum, extracurricular activities, school action plans, budgeting needs, and staffing allocations.

We currently have an opening on our Echo Mountain School Council for a parent representative. If you interested in joining us, please email Natalie Wilcox, EMPS Principal or Elizabeth Schrey, EMIS Principal.

      Natalie Wilcox - Principal, EMPS

      Elizabeth Schrey - Principal, EMIS

      Chinnaz Sayegh - Teacher

      Kara Ritter - Teacher

      Lori Pashia-Davis - Administrative Assistant, EMIS 

Monthly Meeting Schedule 

      Sept. 20

      Oct. 17


      Dec. 19

      Jan. 17

      Feb. 21

      March 21

      April 17

      May 16