Parents Love EMIS

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

In 2014-2015, our team sent out a Parent Satisfaction Survey to see what our valued parents thought about Echo Mountain Intermediate. To our delight, the responses showed parents overwhelmingly pleased with EMIS!

  • 97% of respondents believe academic expectations are appropriate for the grade levels
  • 99% said classroom activities at Echo Mountain Intermediate are relative and engaging for their children
  • 95% of parents reported that their child feels safe while at our school

Here’s what our amazing parents had to say about Echo Mountain Intermediate when responding to our Parent Satisfaction Survey:

  • “I believe that you guys are doing an excellent job.”
  • “We love EMIS! Please continue to be an awesome school and positive force in the neighborhood.”
  • “I have been a part of the EMPS/EMIS family for many years. I love this school! Keep up the great work in the community.”

Thank you to all of the parents who participated in our Q. 15, 2014-2015 survey. We appreciate all of your honest responses and will continue to work hard to give your children the best possible opportunities and experiences for their education.