Hello Parents!

It’s almost time for everyone’s return to campus!  Here are a few friendly reminders as we transition back to on-campus learning:

ØCOVID-like Symptoms & Quarantining

Policies will remain the same for the upcoming year. If your student has COVID-like symptoms, it is required to send them home for 10 days unless they have a free COVID test and the nurse can test them prior to sending them home.  It is still a 24-hour turn-around for test results and your student would have to remain home for that test time but will minimize the length of time they are away from campus.   All family members are eligible for free testing at the district office; only on-campus students will be tested on-site this coming year.  Remember that if your child has symptoms or a fever of 100.4f, you must keep them home based on COVID protocols.  We will later link the Maricopa site to this page for your easy reference.


Many of you received letters at the end of the year identifying that your student would need vaccines prior to return to campus. IF YOUR STUDENT NEEDS THEM –please take note:  Letters will be going home with students over the next week and your student will be sent home if their vaccines are not up to date by the date noted on each letter.  Note:  If your child turned 11 over the summer or is almost 11 – they will need boosters!

ØOTC Medications

If you believe there may be a chance your student will need an OTC medication during this school year, please complete the form and return it to the office. If your student needs, for example, cortisone cream for itching, we will not be able to provide it without this form on record. 

ØDaily Medications

ØPRN Medications

If your student will need daily medications and/or prescriptions, you may NOT send this medication with your child.  This includes inhalers, epi-pens, ADHD medications, antibiotics, and/or reflux/GERD medications.  You MUST make an appointment (see hours listed top right of this message) with me and come in person to deliver.  The medications MUST be in their original container/box with the student’s name on them.  At that time we will complete a form together identifying when. NOTE: Any medications not brought by the parent/guardian will not be administered to the child.

If you would like to leave backup medications on campus for your student (e.g. Your student takes AM medications and you want to leave 1-5 doses on campus “just in case” you have a busy morning and forget); the same process must transpire. The nurse must have the original bottle (you can ask your pharmacy for a spare bottle with all patient information & dosage information on it) and must have forms completed by parent/guardian.