There are many ways you can support Eagle Ridge Elementary School.

Eagle Ridge PTSA

Eagle Ridge PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association) strives to enhance the Eagle Ridge school experience for all our members through communication, encouragement, sharing information, events and advocacy. We welcome all parents, students and staff of Eagle Ridge to become members.

Visit the Eagle Ridge PTSA Website

United Parent Council

Looking out for the interest of students is the primary goal of United Parent Council (UPC). This is achieved by offering parents support, information, and opportunities to be influential voices in the decisions that affect their children's education.

Visit the UPC Website

Tax Credit Donations

Making a contribution to receive an Arizona public education tax credit is simple.

Visit our Tax Credit Donations page

Volunteering and Chaperoning at Eagle Ridge

Eagle Ridge welcomes your time and talent. 

Visit our Eagle Ridge Volunteering/Chaperoning page for details on opportunities available