To serve the educational enrichment of our students, Eagle Ridge Elementary School offers the following programs.

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Eagle Ridge Gifted Programs

Our Gifted Programs are designed for high-achieving, highly gifted students whose needs may not be met by regular gifted programs. Students work two or more years beyond grade level with intellectual peers. They participate in special areas such as PE and the arts, and are included in all grade-level activities and field trips.

Eagle Ridge utilizes a cluster-grouping model for the primary grades. This enables teachers to better differentiate for all students so that optimal learning can occur. Our pull-out program focuses on reading for fourth, and math for fifth and sixth grades.

Find out more about our Gifted Programs.

Mr. Pantera’s Eagle Ridge Honors Blog offers more information about our gifted programs, and showcases the work of our gifted students.

The Phoenix Afterschool Center

Eagle Ridge Elementary School participates in The City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department Phoenix Afterschool Center (PAC) — a fun, supportive, and educational place for children ages six to 13 to spend crucial afterschool hours.

Activities include:

  • Homework Help: Daily children will have a dedicated time to complete homework and gain assistance from our PAC staff   

  • Educational Enrichment

  • Book Blast: Books are provided for all level readers to enjoy once homework is complete

  • Baxter's Clubhouse / Step Into Reading: Offered at select sites, this program provides intensive, one-on-one reading tutoring thanks to the Arizona Diamondbacks

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math): Twice a month, participants will engage in fun, interesting, and hands-on STEM projects.

  • Guest Presenters: Enrichment presentations from a wide a wide array of kid friendly partners

  • Physical Recreation: Organized games, sports, and activities designed to promote healthy bodies.  Additionally children are provided weekly nutrition workshops that help educate kids on the importance of healthy eating

  • Social Recreation: Supervised free time where kids can play, socialize, and develop valuable interaction skills

  • Arts & Creative Recreation: Children will have the opportunity to expand their creative abilities through staff guided projects

For more information on the program, visit the PAC website.