UPC Provides Support to Inform, Empower Parents

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Paradise Valley Unified School District is home to a district-wide parent group that has been active in PVSchools for more than 40 years. PV’s United Parent Council (UPC) offers support, educational programming, and information to empower parents to be influential participants in the decisions that affect their children’s education. Each of PV’s 43 schools may have two voting UPC representatives and two alternates who: attend UPC monthly meetings, vote on issues affecting students, and act as liaisons between their school community and the PV school district.

PVSchools prides itself on providing students with an educational Journey of Excellence. This means that PV parents can be confident that their child’s needs are being met through one of the many diverse academic programs offered throughout the district. UPC contributes to the student journey by bringing the parent voice into the decision-making process. One way that UPC helps amplify the parent voice is by appointing parent representatives to district committees that inform the district’s policies regarding an array of issues including school safety, technology, class size, equity, restorative practice and more.

An integral part of the Journey of Excellence at PVSchools is the emphasis placed on creating a positive school culture at every school. Each adult that comes in contact with our children during their educational journey has the potential to help grow the whole child. From the school custodian who encourages the shy student to perform her favorite song at lunch in front of her peers, to the principal who takes the time to take a walk with a frustrated student to ask about his day – each and every PVSchools employee has the opportunity to create a positive school culture and learning environment. PVSchools prioritizes and values parents, educators, administrators, and all PVSchools staff working together to create this positive culture and community at each school. UPC offers parents the unique ability to have a seat at the table, advocate for children, share ideas and concerns with district officials, and to connect with parents from across the district!

Raising children and navigating their academic journey can be daunting and overwhelming for parents. The good news is PV parents do not have to navigate alone.  All parents and community members are welcome to attend UPC meetings. Visit the UPC website for meeting dates and to learn more about the organization.

Please follow UPC on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Email UPC President Jessica Wani with any questions or suggestions at president@pvupc.org.

This article was written by Jessica Wani, president of the UPC.