A Summer Filled with STEAM (Summer STEM Activities)

Thursday, June 17, 2021

STEAM and Summer STEM Activities

Everywhere you look, you can find examples of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) in action right in your own community. Exploring your interests, discovering newfound passions, and enjoying the world around you can be as easy as stepping outside.

Are you and your kids filling your summer with STEAM, aka summer STEM activities? Let us know on social media by sharing your summer projects with the hashtag #PVSchoolsSummerSTEAM.


Learning about science can start in your own backyard. During the day, help your child identify insects, birds, animals, and plants. At night, you can stargaze and map out constellations. Summer in the Valley brings monsoons and dust storms, which is fun for tracking the changing weather conditions. And, if you have a garden, work with your child to measure and track the growth of the plants. 


Learning basic coding helps children expand their math, writing, and problem-solving skills. Hour of Code offers an array of free coding lessons that incorporate subjects such as science, math, language arts, social studies, and computer science. Learn more about Hour of Code.


Practicing structural engineering principles by building mini-cities or a robot with LEGO® bricks helps kids understand the fundamentals of physics and math. Your imagination and possibilities are endless so set up an obstacle course to challenge your pet’s agility skills or build a bridge out of lightweight household objects.


Exploring different genres of art, dance, and music can inspire your budding artist. Get inspiration for an art project and create a painting, drawing, ceramics, or photography. Encourage your child to experiment with different art mediums and dance moves when learning about different artists and techniques. Learning can definitely be fun and the arts are a great start.


Incorporating math lessons at home can be as easy as teaching your child to cook or bake. Cooking helps children build confidence in their math skills by using fractions, unit conversions, estimating, measuring, planning, and problem-solving. If baking isn’t your thing, while in the car, have your child practice math skills by calculating time and mileage.

The Future of STEAM/STEM

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEM-related careers are projected to grow at a faster projected rate than all other U.S. jobs in the next decade. As a result, schools have incorporated STEM or STEAM into all subjects to prepare students for the future. With the high demand for these fields, students need more in-depth knowledge in math and science to apply to complex problems. STEM programs also help students develop much-needed skills like critical and logical thinking. Both of which lead to success academically and professionally. 

STEM/STEAM Programs in PVSchools

PVSchools offers cutting-edge programs, including an array of innovative K-12 STEAM/STEM opportunities, including:

  • The Center for Research in Engineering, Science, and Technology (CREST) program at Paradise Valley High School;
  • A fully integrated STEAM program at Desert Shadows Elementary School; 
  • Elementary pull-out STEM programs;
  • Engineering at Desert Shadows Middle School, Explorer Middle School, and Horizon High School; and 
  • Career and Technical Education courses at Horizon High School, North Canyon High School, Paradise Valley High School, Pinnacle High School, and Shadow Mountain High School.

PVSchools is also committed to community partnerships that help grow educational programs, providing important life skills and opportunities for innovation and exploration. One of these collaborations is with the Challenger Space Center located in the heart of PVSchools.

In 2018, PVSchools partnered with the Center, expanding the STEAM/STEM education programs to provide innovative and authentic learning opportunities for students, as well as community members.

If you’re looking for an engaging STEM summer camp for your child, the Challenger Space Center Arizona is accepting registration for its programs. Learn more about the summer camps offered by the Challenger Space Center Arizona