National Teacher Appreciation Week Celebrates Our Exceptional Educators

Monday, May 3, 2021

No matter where you attended school, every student, current or former, has at least one teacher who has inspired, mentored, or counseled them during their time at PVSchools. In turn, making a lasting impression on their lives.

During the last year, the role of an educator has been expanded; however, the mission has not changed. As the school year started online for school districts across Arizona, PVSchools teachers prepared lesson plans and welcomed students to their virtual classrooms. They also spent a great amount of time virtually with parents, grandparents, and daycare providers so that students could participate every day. 

“We have to try a LOT harder to feel connected to our students. It’s hard to feel like you are looking someone in the eye when you are looking into a camera. It’s hard to feel like your students know how proud you are when they cannot see you smile, so we are trying to smile with our eyes, say the words that can express what kids would normally see on our faces, and try to say everyone’s name every day, even if they haven’t turned their camera on all week,” said Susan Chubrich Seep, Paradise Valley Education Association president ombudsman/certified. 

PVSchools teachers consistently go the extra mile to ensure that students are continually supported during the pandemic. A few examples of teachers exceeding expectations.

  • Delivered bound journals to more than 150 high school students, so they could “experience the feeling of pen to paper” this year. Yes, the teacher bought the journals herself.
  • Built incredibly complex “tubs” of folders, baggies, boxes, and other materials to help organize kindergarteners’ learning every day.  How can you get a student to move from their Number Sense lesson to their Letters activity while they are at home if they’ve never been in a classroom before?  The work our teachers did was incredibly creative so that students could navigate their materials at home, from the very first day of school.
  • Conducted one-on-one conferences for all 200 of her students, called home for every student who didn’t turn a camera on that week. In one week, she called 80 students.
  • One middle school teacher is building a “yearbook” for her students. 

During Teacher Appreciation Week, PVSchools is grateful and thankful to have educators who are talented and dedicated to their profession. We encourage current and past students, as well as parents to connect with a teacher who made a difference. For many teachers, hearing why you appreciate them is what matters most.