Unplug and Play Weekend (Feb. 4-6)

We are encouraging students and families to spend the weekend of February 4, 5, and 6 away from electronics and coursework. We hope you use this time to unwind, relax, reflect, get outdoors, and/or spend closer time with members of your household.

To support this effort, we are having a homework-free weekend. Tests will not be scheduled for Monday, Feb. 7, and our staff members are encouraged to unplug from work-related responsibilities.

The Unplug and Play Weekend lands in the middle of the weeklong PVSchools 5K Community Virtual Fun Run. We invite you to participate in the annual Fun Run if you feel so inclined.

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Other suggested activities for this Unplug and Play Weekend:

  • Engage in indoor and/or outdoor craft activities.

  • Have a family game day.

  • Visit a local park.

  • Go on a walk through your neighborhood and beyond.

  • Prepare, cook, and enjoy some new recipes or favorite snacks and meals.

  • Take a long ride in the car and see some sights.

  • Go for a hike in nature.

  • Build an indoor fort.

  • Plant flowers or create a garden.