District Governing Board Meeting

Join us at this PVSchools Governing Board Meeting, led by Superintendent Troy Bales and the members of the PVSchools Governing Board. Members of the Governing Board will attend in person, via WebEx teleconference, or by telephone.

Learn more about Dr. Bales.

Meet the members of the Governing Board.

To aid in the health and safety of all attendees, we are continuing our mitigation efforts by limiting large group gatherings in the Governing Board room during meetings. Additionally, in accordance with District and CDC guidance, we are strongly recommending that attendees for Governing Board meetings wear a cloth face mask.

Individuals wishing to submit comments to the Paradise Valley Unified School District Governing Board, related to agenda items, may do so via the Public Comment Form located on the homepage of the District website. These comments will be shared with the Governing Board prior to the meeting; however, will not be read aloud during the meeting. The deadline for submitting comments through this form is noon on the day of the Governing Board meeting.

Persons with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation by contacting the Board Secretary at (602) 449-2298. Request should be made as early as possible to arrange the accommodation. 

If you need interpreter services, please make your request as early as possible by contacting the Board Secretary at (602) 449-2298. 

Si necesita los servicios de un intérprete, por favor llame lo más pronto que sea posible a la secretaria de la Junta Directiva, al teléfono (602) 449-2298.

Meeting Will Be Streamed Live on YouTube

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