Desert Springs Documents

Desert Springs Preparatory students and parents should review the following documents upon the start of the new school year:

Download the 2021-22 Parent and Student Agreement.

Download the Desert Springs Technology Use Contract.

Download the Accelerated Reader (AR) Agreement.

See Ms. Solano's Curriculum Night video.


All information about the Parent-Teacher Association at Desert Springs can be found on its website.

Visit the Desert Springs PTA website.

United Parent Council

This website and resource was created by parents who work together to enhance the PVSchools experience for your children. Visit the United Parent Council (UPC) website.

PVSchools Family Resources

Paradise Valley Unified School District has compiled a list of specific resource phone numbers and websites that may be useful to our families throughout the year. Download the PVSchools Family Resource List.

Homework Resources

Accelerated Reader

Link to students accelerated reader profiles for reading levels and Accelerated Reader (AR) quizzes.

Visit the Accelerated Reader site.

AR Book Finder

Search for books with a corresponding AR quiz.

Visit AR Book Finder.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a math resource for students with videos, games, and lessons to supplement classroom instruction.

Visit Khan Academy.

Library Search

Library Search allows you to search the materials available in all PVSchools libraries.

Use Library Search.

Volunteering at Desert Springs

Read about the expectations for volunteers.