Parents Love Desert Springs Prep!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

A healthy school values relationships. At Desert Springs Preparatory, talented and caring teachers partner with devoted families to serve each child. We want every visitor to our campus to feel welcome and valued. Parent survey data suggests that Desert Springs Preparatory offers exceptional customer service.

In the Parent Satisfaction Survey, parents were overwhelming in their praise for Desert Springs Preparatory:

  • 100% of participants in the survey said they received good customer service at Desert Springs Preparatory.
  • 99% also agreed or strongly agreed that their child feels safe at school.
  • 97% of respondents believe classroom activities at Desert Springs Preparatory are relevant and engaging.
  • And 93% believe their child’s academic needs are being met.

What Parents Say

“We love the Desert Springs leadership, staff and teachers.” - parent

“I love that parents are so involved and regularly volunteer inside the classroom. Teachers, support staff and administration are easy to get in touch with. Questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.” - parent

“Desert Springs is a great school for our kids! 100% satisfied!” - parent

"I have a student in first grade and the teachers she has had at Desert Springs have been excellent. Mrs Hornaday helped her with her language skills, since she barely knew English when she started and she is now fluent. Mrs Leja, her first grade teacher, has been excellent in helping her write and read, and she is very attentive with her learning experience as well as very responsive with communications. I live very far away from this school but it is worth the commute to be able to put my daughter in an excellent teaching environment." - parent

"I love that we are a smaller, public, neighborhood school that provides timely communication to our families. I love that we have dedicated and well trained teachers that put the needs of their students first to ensure the success of their students." - teacher and former parent

"Desert Springs will always be a special place to me. Not only did I attend Desert Springs as a child, but my son goes to school here too! Desert Springs has always been an amazing place to be a student and teacher! I am blessed to work with an such an incredible group of educators." - teacher and parent 

Responses have been edited for grammar and clarity.