How Can You Support Desert Springs?

Desert Springs welcomes the active participation of parents, grandparents and community members. We believe that children flourish in an academic environment that unites home and school. This supports student enrichment and achievement with a goal of providing the best possible education for each student.

There are many ways to get involved including working as a classroom helper, member of the PTO, field trip chaperone, school council member, and many other opportunities. We encourage you to get involved.


Desert Springs welcomes your time and talent. There are five main ways you can volunteer at our school to help make a difference in your child’s education:

  1. Site Volunteer
  2. Chaperone
  3. Community Volunteer
  4. Volunteer Coach
  5. Joining the Volunteer in Paradise Program

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering at Desert Springs Preparatory, please refer to the PVSchools volunteer policies, activities and benefits.

Tax Credit Donations

Donating to our school is always welcome, and tax deductible! Making a contribution to receive an Arizona public education tax credit is simple. You can get a tax credit up to $200 for an individual or $400 per married couple.

Learn more about Tax Credit Donations on the District Website

School Council

Desert Springs Preparatory School Council is made up of certified staff, classified staff, parent members and community members. Our school council’s goal is to provide counsel to the school principal on all issues related to curriculum development and improvement, as well as consider and evaluate new initiatives or programs to help enhance our students’ academic experiences.