Suzuki Strings Program

Desert Shadows has been offering Suzuki Strings lessons for all of our preschool through 3rd-grade students as part of their regular curriculum. All 4th through 6th-grade students also add lessons to their schedule if they so choose.

Mrs. Laura Syjud is the Suzuki trained teacher for this program at  Desert Shadows Elementary.

Please feel free to email Mrs. Syjud with any questions.

Science Partnerships

Hands-on science is a big emphasis at Desert Shadows throughout every school year, with special programs for each grade level. In partnership with the Challenger Space Center, and the Arizona Science Museum we are able to provide these dynamic programs for all students.

  • Kindergarten - a mobile planetarium is brought in each spring, and each classroom has a chance to take a walk through the solar system.
  • 1st grade - All 1st-grade students become astronauts for a day when the mobile lab rolls in and it is always fun to watch them march out to space in their astronaut uniforms as they prepare to board the spaceship.
  • 2nd grade - all the materials needed to build as well as launch bottle rockets are brought in for our 2nd graders to get some real hands-on experience with design and propulsion. 
  • 3rd grade - Far Out Space
  • 4th grade - Enlighten Me game truck 
  • 5th grade - this grade level travels out to The Challenger Space Center where they board a space shuttle and work their way through a special space mission.
  • 6th grade - The Challenger Space Center travels to us via live feed as our students embark on a mission requiring them to save the residents of the Island of Monserrat from a volcano eruption.  

Overnight Field Trips

At Desert Shadows we support the importance of hands-on field trips and promote participation by all students. With that overnight trips are held annually for all students in grades 3rd through 6th grade.  

3rd graders travel to the Phoenix Zoo; typically departing from the school at 5:00 pm and returning the next day by noon. Their night is filled with courses and activities as they learn about the many animals housed at the zoo.

4th-grade students hit the road for rafting and a visit to the Grand Canyon.

In 5th grade, we venture to Lake Pleasant and the Outdoor Learning Center located there for a night of exploration of the desert trails as well as the night sky.

6th graders load buses, and travel to Long Beach where they load a ferry headed for Catalina Island for 2 nights on the island and hands-on study of life in and near the ocean. 

The 6th-grade trip typically takes place in early November, the 3rd-graders head to the Phoenix Zoo in December, while the other grade level overnight trips are scheduled in the spring of each school year.