Programs for the academically talented are available for students at Desert Shadows. Students that are selected based on the results of placement tests will be pulled from regular classrooms at appropriate times to receive specialized instruction in reading, math and non-verbal reasoning.   

In grades 4-6, we service identified students through a pullout model in reading and math. In grades K-4, we provide a cluster model where classroom compositions are carefully structured with two main goals: to ensure that there is a balance throughout the grade level, and to reduce the learning range found in any given classroom.

Program Objectives

Our gifted program targets the following academic objectives:

  • Promote critical thinking and reasoning abilities
  • Develop and expand thinking skills
  • Utilize differentiated strategies for learning
  • Build / extend cognitive language skills
  • Facilitate opportunities for learning

The academic caliber of the majority of students at Desert Shadows is very high. This indicates that the community consists of committed parents who provide a rich home environment for their children. We attempt to set proportionally high classroom standards, and we reevaluate them on a regular basis. Each student is consistently challenged to achieve at a level appropriate for his/her level of ability. 

For more information on gifted services in the Paradise Valley Unified School District, visit the Gifted Education website.