About The School

Desert Cove was built in 1964 and is located in the heart of the Paradise Valley Unified School District. Our school has established a long-standing tradition of academic excellence for each student and works to serve the community in a positive manner each and every day.

Our Mission

The Desert Cove staff, in partnership with parents, will provide an atmosphere of educational excellence with high expectations for children. We will be accountable for their success in a comprehensive primary program and their transition to higher levels of schooling. Effective instructional leadership will facilitate the cooperative development of programs to achieve these beliefs:

  • Students learn best in a warm, supportive climate.
  • Students learn best when instruction includes a variety of high interest materials, manipulatives, and involving activities.
  • Students learn best when high, consistent expectations are maintained.
  • Students learn best when they come to school and to class prepared for instruction.
  • Students learn best when staff and parents work together in a cooperative manner.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a learning community, where academic excellence is expected and diversity is recognized as strength.

Children and adults will share the joy of learning and embrace a rigorous curriculum that promotes high levels of student achievement. We will meet individual needs while developing independent learners who are successful team players. Our students will acquire positive social skills, which promote respect and responsibility to self, family and community, resulting in positive self-esteem.

School community partnerships will prepare and challenge each individual to become a goal-oriented, life-long learner. Desert Cove Elementary School is a community in which everyone is a partner in learning, using the fundamental principles of yesterday and the technology and innovation of today to prepare our students for tomorrow.

Desert Cove Elementary feeds into Shea Middle School and Shadow Mountain High School.

Parent-Student Handbook

View the latest Desert Cove Elementary Parent-Student Handbook.

A “B”-Rated School

Based on student achievement, the Arizona Department of Education has given Desert Cove Elementary a “B” letter grade!

“B” schools demonstrate a high performance level.  For example, a “B” school may have significant student growth, higher four-year graduation rates, and high performance on the statewide assessment.

A "B"-rated Schools Starts with Great Teachers

Our academic success at Desert Cove may be attributed in large part to the focus and dedication of our teachers, as well as the District leaders and support staff of the Paradise Valley School District.

By fostering a positive atmosphere for learning, and an engaging curriculum for each student, Desert Cove will continue to strive toward maximizing the ability, potential and learning capacity of every student.