Desert Cove offers school programs for academically talented for students in grades K-6. Some grade specific options for these programs are as follows:

  • For students in grades K-5, Desert Cove combines gifted students in clusters in their regular classrooms.
  • Students in grades 4-6 attend pullout classes for reading and math.
  • In addition, Desert Cove offers self-contained gifted classes for the students who are exceptional academically. 

To learn more about our academic programs for gifted students, visit the District Gifted Services website.

Gifted Preschool

PVSchools is one of the nation’s few public school districts to offer Gifted Preschool programs.

Class size for the Gifted Preschool programs is limited to 22 students, and classes are taught by teachers who are Early Childhood Certified and hold a Gifted Endorsement.

We have established our Gifted Preschool programs to make sure that 4-year-old advanced learners can experience a challenging curriculum and innovative instruction. It's designed to help them thrive academically and socially with their peers. The program provides accelerated learning opportunities, embeds critical and creative thinking processes and integrates technology into the students' daily instruction.

The program is tuition-based and is open to children across the Valley, but space is limited.

Contact the PVSchools Gifted Department for more information.