Equity Goal Objective 1

Develop relationships that support and foster social, emotional, and academic needs to ensure individual student success.

School Strategies

  • Continue implementation of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) with the addition of Tier II

  • Core PBIS Team will attend ADE training for PBIS

  • Tier II PBIS team to begin ADE training

  • Professional Learning Communities will focus directly on student data to identify individuals and groups needing intervention and extension

  • Special Area teachers will support BASS (Boosting All Student Success) practices maximizing small group and individual learning opportunities

Equity Goal Objective 2

Create procedures to eliminate barriers so that all students can participate and experience success in high quality curricular and extracurricular programs.

School Strategies

  • Leadership team will use a lens of equity when discussing practices across grade levels

  • Continue to implement PBIS across campus

  • Create and implement Bully Prevention assemblies to accompany our PBIS plan

Equity Goal Objective 3

To develop cultural competence within PVSchools that results in equity for students.

School Strategies

  • Increase equity through Restorative Practices

  • Discuss the possibility of creating a Cultural Experience across all grade levels with a goal of increasing multicultural awareness and sensitivity

  • Providing resources for LAS students when/where needed to ensure equity