Nurse Sandra Patton

(602) 449-5203

Visit the district page for more information and forms. 

Nurse Sandra Patton,RN, is on campus nearly every day, prepared to assist students with daily medications, injuries, illnesses, and staying healthy. Her office is equipped with basic first aid supplies, SVN machines, and assessment tools required for professional nursing activities. Our School Nurse focuses on prevention and wellness for students and staff, and provides care for students with a wide variety of short term and long term health conditions. She collaborates with families, teachers, students and their healthcare providers to create a plan of care for students with chronic conditions such as asthma, allergies and diabetes. Nurse Sandra works with all school staff so they are prepared to recognize and respond to potential emergencies. She serves as a consultant for health curriculum, provides health screening programs, keeps immunization records, and counsels, educates and finds resources for our students and their families.


Nurse Sandra promotes physical activity in the classroom and around our campus to keep students alert, physically fit, and ready to learn. 
Should you need medication forms, asthma or allergy action plans or other resources for school, you can also visit the PVUSD Health Services website.